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Staff Contact List

Headmaster  Mr Richard Bool 
Deputy Heads Mrs Julia Richards Pastoral, History,
Designated Safeguarding Leader
  Mr David Snowden Academic, MFL 
Assistant Heads Mr Steve Casey Director of Sport & 
Co-Curricular Activities
  Mrs Alison Folkard Head of Sixth Form 
  Mr Stuart Hofmann Academic / Timetabling
Miss Suzanne Allen Head of History History
Mr Roger Appleton Head of MFL MFL
Head of French 
Ms Caroline Blenkin   MFL
Mr Andy Blood   Physical Education
Mr Joss Bolton   Economics & Business Studies 
Dr James Boone Deputy Head of Year 9 Science
Ms Elaine Bowling  Deputy Head of Sixth Form English, Media Studies 
Miss Sophie Brack Director of Music  Music 
Miss Charlotte Bradford   Mathematics
Mrs Jade Brooke Head of Higgins House Geography
Mrs Angela Brown   Mathematics 
Mrs Ana Carballo-Varéla Head of Spanish MFL 
Mr Angelo Constantinou   History
Miss Lisa Cooper Head of Year 10 Science
Mrs Isabel Del Valle   MFL
Mr Richard Dewey Head of Economics & Business Studies Economics & Business Studies 
Mrs Caroline Dyer   Science
Mrs Bianka Edwards Head of German MFL 
Deputy Head of Year 10
EPQ Co-ordinator
Miss Anita Fan  Deputy Head of Year 7  Music 
Mr Craig Fast  Head of Physics Science 
Miss Jade Foolheea   Art
Mr Alex Gaunt Head of RE & Philosophy RE & Philosophy
Mr Yan Gonachon Head of Year 9 MFL
Mr Jon Grant  Head of Science Science 
Head of Biology
Mrs Amy Greetham Head of Geography Geography
Mr Stefan Hagan UCAS Co-ordinator Economics & Business Studies
Miss Janine Halket Deputy Head of Year 8 Media Studies
Mrs Ashleigh Halling-Brown   English
Mrs Sarah Hammond   English
Mr Nigel Harrison Head of Boys’ Games Physical Education 
Mr Roger Hart Head of Year 7 RE & Philosophy
Miss Rosie Hase Head of Psychology Psychology 
Deputy Head of Sixth Form
Mr William Haslewood   Science
Mrs Stephanie House  Head of Media Studies Media Studies 
Head of Yeates House
Mrs Christina Hubbard Deputy Head of English English
Head of Scholars
Mrs Sarah Hudson   English 
Mrs Penny James Leiths, SEN Food & Nutrition 
Head of Year 8
Mrs Sue Jenn Head of Food & Nutrition Head of Year 11 SEN 
Mr Yasin Kenz   Computer Science
Mrs Victoria Lewis Head of Clubb House Art
Mr Joshua McEwan Director of Drama Drama
Mr Michael Maranzano Head of Mathematics Mathematics 
Mr Benjamin Monk Head of Computer Science Computer Science
Miss Kate Muir Head of Art & Photography Art 
Head of Bell House
Mr Lee Musson   Media Studies
Mrs Letitia Nicoll Assistant Director of Sport & Co-curricular Physical Education
Miss Marianna Nott UCAS Co-ordinator Science
Mrs Alison Osborn Deputy Head of Maths Mathematics
Mrs Sophie Pepler   Drama, LAMDA 
Mr Joe Radmore Head of Academic PE Physical Education
Head of Cricket
Mr Paul Rickard Head of Chemistry Science
Miss Karen Ridley   English
Mrs Debby Sanjaya   Mathematics 
Mrs Alex Saunders Head of English  English 
Mr David Scott   Psychology
Mrs Sue Sevier Head of Learning Support SENDCO 
Mrs Jo Smith                  Mathematics 
Miss Jennifer Snook   Science
Mrs Hélène Snowden Examinations Officer 
Mr Phillip Stanton Head of DoE Geography 
Deputy Head of Year 11
Miss Maddie Thompson   Physical Education
Miss Claire Tomlinson   MFL
Mrs Pip Tuppen   School Counsellor
Mr William Warwick   History
Mrs Jasmine Woolven   Mathematics