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Media Studies

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” Jim Morrison

There is no doubt that in our modern world the media plays a powerful role. As a cultural gatekeeper, the Media has the influence to shape our views and opinions, without us even knowing it is doing so. We are living in exponential times; with developments in digital communication technologies students are no longer merely audiences they are media producers, creating their own media products, which are shared with a global audience.

As a challenging contemporary subject Media Studies explores students’ prior understanding of the Media and encourages them to discover the systems of messages and values within the media texts that they consume on a daily basis.

Our aim at Lingfield College is to provide students with a course that fosters their creative skills whilst developing their critical thinking, offering them exciting opportunities to visit real life production sets such as the Warner Brothers Studios.

Alongside the theoretical study of the Media lies the exciting ever-changing world of media production. At Lingfield, students have access to the latest technologies and industry standard software allowing them to produce professional standard media products themselves; from magazines to music videos all students have the opportunity produce professional products in an area of interest to them.

The Media Studies course at Lingfield combines the study of challenging academic theory with innovative and creative practical creative skills. Alongside its excellent academic achievement, a strength of the department is the way in which it harnesses and develops the creativity which lies within all of our students.  Through channelling their creativity, students can open doors to a world of exciting new opportunities and careers.Through production work students develop their skills in a variety of areas namely organisation, self-discipline and teamwork which are clearly essential in the modern world to succeed in further education and all career routes.

The Media Studies experience does not stop at the classroom; students have the opportunity to access the department’s equipment outside of lesson time to develop their skills and work on their own projects. Students are encouraged to transfer the skills they learn in the class to other areas of their study and life.  Indeed learning quite frequently takes place outside of the classroom with various location shoots; the most exciting being a Media Studies trip to New York to participate in a film school workshop run by professionals in New York City.

At both GCSE and A Level, Media Studies is a course which is relevant to a wide range of other subjects from History, English, Drama, Sociology and Psychology to Business, Economics and Government & Politics.