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Economics & Business

Economics and Business Studies are related subjects, but each has a different focus.

Economics is the study of markets and economies; it gives students an understanding of the many different aspects of economic activity which go towards making product markets, labour markets, the UK and global economies such exciting and unpredictable places. Students will look at topics such as the forces of demand and supply, investigating government policy and how it affects growth, our role in the European Union and the impact on global trade of the increasing power of China.

Business Studies is the study of small, medium and large businesses and focuses on the practical aspects of developing and running businesses. Students look at the challenge of starting a business, how the functions of a business - finance, human resources, operations, marketing - work together, the behaviour of major PLCs in challenging market environments and how culture and leadership affect decision making.

Here at Lingfield we offer Economics at GCSE and both Economics and Business Studies at A Level.

The Department is strong; Mr Dewey and Mr Bolton have made career changes into teaching after 20 or more years in finance and industry and Miss Wilkinson brings over 10 years of business subject teaching experience from Australia to the Department. Together, we bring a wealth of life experience into the classroom.

I really enjoy teaching Economics and Business – there is so much current affairs application within both subjects that we are able to use to bring the subjects to life – Brexit, Deep Horizon oil spill, Starbucks and tax, the downfall of Woolworths, Comet and BHS to name but a few.  I particularly enjoy seeing students develop a love of the subjects and with it excellent essay writing, debating and analysis skills.   Richard Dewey, Head of Economics and Business Studies

In addition to our taught classes, we offer out-of-class support to all of our students and enrichment of the curriculum: an economics and business magazine edited by the Sixth Form; evening lectures at the London School of Economics and Gresham College; and debates with local schools on key current affairs topics.