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Mrs Shackel's Blog

Special Cake number 2

Friday 27th March 2020

I promised you another cake.

My daughter wanted a Louis Vuitton handbag for her 18th birthday!

Unfortunately teacher's salaries don't quite run to that so I came up with an alternative solution. See below the cake I made that I hoped would make up for any disappointment. I've tried to show the steps of making it so you can see it wasn't really as hard as it looked!


She was very happy! I got her a Michael Kors handbag for real instead!


Special Cake

Thursday 26th March 2020 21.53

Today I thought I would show you a cake I made recently for my dad's 80th birthday. We had a little party the weekend before lockdown so just in time for us all to get together to celebrate.

I tried to show you some of the steps when making the cake. My dad likes rugby and supports Wimbledon AFC so I added a little rugby ball under his foot and a scarf in the AFC colours. He has two spaniel dogs called Bruno and Charlie so I added them too. Sorry about the heads being on sticks but when the figures went onto the cake the sticks got pushed into the cake to hold the heads on.

You might notice that my dad also likes to wear socks and sandals!!!

Hopefully you will get a chance to do a bit of baking whilst at home - if you have enough eggs, flour and butter of course or perhaps you could get some playdough and cocktail sticks or kebab sticks and make some figures like I did. That figure actually looks like my dad!

Tomorrow I will show you the cake I made for my daughter's 18th birthday.

Joe Wicks

Wednesday 25 Mar 2020 19:22
This morning I thought I would give the Joe Wicks Body Coach workout a go as I am spending a lot of time sitting at a computer at the moment.   Also I thought I should experience what you are doing.

My favourite exercise was the one with the little bunny hops.  I have got some bunny ears in the loft and I would have put them on if I had known there was that exercise.  

My least favourite exercise was the one with the Spider Man lunges!

Phew it was quite a workout for the adults too I think, however I must admit it was fun!

I hope you are all enjoying the exercise - keep going everyone!

First Day working from home!

Tuesday 24 Mar 2020 19:19
Well today I decided I would try working from home.  The Key worker children were all planned for - activities, staff rotas, catering etc. so I thought I would give it a go.  

It didn't start well....

Firstly I have two adult children back from university who are trying to write dissertations and do exams online.  Fighting for desk space, with everyone wanting the dining room table is not easy.  I've heard this is a common argument in homes everywhere at the moment.  Also my stock of food supplies is going down fast, maybe I will lose a few pounds after all!

Next,  my lovely neighbours thought this was a good day to start felling trees, grinding and shredding the wood, starting up carpentry tasks, drilling, and cutting up paving slabs with loud electric saws, not to mention the mowing and hedge cutting.  Some of this started before 9am!  I thought I would take a walk to find out who was making all this noise but they were in the next road and I didn't want to use up my one piece of exercise a day quota.  I then decided to put out a plea on social media appealing to my community to be considerate of teachers trying to teach from home, children trying to learn, parents trying to get to grips with teaching their children, students trying to do exams online and listen to lectures - oh and some people are a bit ill.  Amazingly it must of worked because the noise stopped!! Thank goodness for that!!

At 10am I did a Zoom meeting with Mr Walton just to try it out.  He thought it was funny to be holding a chainsaw!  At 11am I had a Zoom meeting with the Senior Management Team.  We are all finding working remotely quite tricky, especially getting used to the technology and not being able to speak to each other very easily.  By using the video conferencing we are also getting to see what the inside of each other's houses are like!  

Grappling with spreadsheets and tables on my laptop has not been easy, especially when the cat likes to lie on top of my laptop whilst I'm working.  Eventually at 6pm I gave up and came into my office as the virtual platform was frustrating me too much and it is much easier to work at my desk.  It's nice and quiet here and I'm the only one here so it is very safe. 

I am sure you have all had challenging days getting used to this new way of working and learning but hopefully it will settle down soon and we will all get used to it.  

To end on a positive, at least the sun is shining and I hung my washing out for the first time this year and cleaned my downstairs windows so I can look at my lovely garden with the daffodils out whilst sitting at the Dining Room table (as long as anyone else doesn't nab it before I do).

If you get bored perhaps you could write a story about some of the funny things that have happened in your day.

Take Care

My Cat - Lexi

Saturday 21 Mar 2020 17:42
This is my beautiful cat Lexi.  She is half British Blue and half Persian.  She loves to sleep in the bathroom sink.  Why do you think that is?  She also likes to collect hair bands and put them in her water bowl.  Does anyone else’s cat do that?

She had kittens - both white, one very fluffy, one smooth.  My friend has them both and she named them Kiwi and Coconut.  She has another cat called Banana!

If you get bored perhaps you could take some nice photos of your pet and make a collage. 

How to cope when you can't go to school because of coronavirus

Thursday 19 Mar 2020 17:52