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Mr Walton's Blog

Day 3 - make time for a smile

Wednesday 25 Mar 2020 20:01

It's been a lovely sunny day and I hope everyone has found time today to step back and smile. It can make a big difference to a situation and to the rest of your day. 

Day 2 - something to remember about homeschooling

Tuesday 24 Mar 2020 18:14

24th March 2020

Day 2 of home schooling...

I want to share with you something my old housemate from University put on Facebook yesterday. She is a wonderful teacher, a fantastic parent and is very down to earth. 

"Just a little note to all the parents out there feeling anxious and guilty when seeing lots of 'homeschooling' pictures and posts. Please remember these are tiny snapshots of people's days. I could post a photo of both my children sat at the table with pen in hand. I could also post a picture 2 minutes later when everything had gone to pot and they were shouting at each other!!"

I think this sums up how Day 2 might have gone in many households (glad she didn't mention the Firefly word!) and I want you all to remember that whatever we are able to do we are doing it for our children. It won't be perfect, or to be honest anything like a normal school day, but we will all ensure we keep our children happy and engaged in learning - in whatever form that takes. 

Thank you for keeping the positive messages and support for each other going. 

Mr Walton

Caretaker, TA, Admin Assistant, Lunch time Supervisor, Cook, Peri music specialist and  Class teacher @ Walton College Prep 

(thank you to the parent who came up with the similar name for their school, couldn't help but share on here!)

Day 1 - Firefly Fun

Monday 23 Mar 2020 20:09
Dear Parents and Children,

We're 1 day down and thank you all for your resilience today. Firefly started the day with a tricky few hours and didn't stick to our well worked plans... however, it was soon back on track and we managed to get learning again! 

To counter any further issues with access, and also to help with printing of work, we have put hard copies of the weeks work in the Drama Room. We will see if this is practical in the long run, but it's something that helps us at this moment in time. 

We have had some comments on the amount of 'work' the children are expected to do. Please do not worry if you do not finish all the work. We do not want to put any more pressure onto families. It will take time to get the balance of content right, and one size will not fit all. Thank you for your feedback with this, we are listening!

Children... remember to try your best with your learning. If you approach the lessons with a positive attitude and do them to the best of your ability everyone will be proud of you. Make sure you help your parents out as well by staying organised and starting work when you should. Little things like that make a big difference. 

As you can see, I'm not quite sure how this blog will evolve but I hope you have all had a good first day. Staff have been busy working on the plans for next term. There's lots of exciting things going on and we are all looking forward to embracing the challenges ahead.

Parents... a tip for tomorrow., if you need 15 minutes downtime do what we do in school - have a fire drill. Simply ring a bell continuously and watch the children walk outside in silence and line up waiting to be registered. Enjoy a cup of coffee and then collect the children when you've finished. 

Enjoy your evenings,

Mr Walton