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Hannah's Blog!

Hello I’m Hannah  

I am the voice of the Prep school and I will be giving people an inside view of what happens here at Lingfield College. I am the Marketing Ambassador and I help by writing little articles in the newsletter to say what we get up to in lessons or even in activities! It is so fun but really, it’s not that hard to market the school ecause it’s awesome! Not only do I get to attend this great school, but I get to tell people about how great it is … YAY! 

A little about me is that I have one sausage dog called Betty, but I would love to have another one too! My favourite colour is blue or maybe a light green and I love English, P.E, Drama and maths (some of the time). I also like… I mean LOVE reading, especially Harry Potter- my favourite one is the Deathly Hallows if anyone is interested! I would love to be an author when I’m older, writing children’s novels! more hope to talk to you again soon, I can’t wait to write more too, but for now bye!!! 

November 2020 - Parliament Week

To celebrate parliament week, all three of our Year 6 classes created our own political parties. We had to split up into groups and then come up with our manifestos, lead candidate and a team name. We next made many posters and leaflets towards making a party-political broadcast video to show our classmates. To vote for our favourite parties, we did a blind vote on a piece of paper and wrote a 1 next to our most favourite and a 2 next to our second favourite.
When the results came in from each class, the winning parties were All Equal (my own party), UU (United Union) and EHC (Equality, Health Care and Compassion) and we were all moved forward into the finals. Throughout the following week, we prepared another party-political broadcast and put many leaflets around the school. We also made rosettes and other advertising accessories along the way. We had all tried our very hardest but eventually, the day came to show our videos to the rest of our year group and wait for their opinions so that they could vote for their one and only favourite one.
Finally, we found out that All Equal had won! As our prize, we won some money to buy a fun Christmas activity for the whole year! This task made it more interesting for us to get into politics and it was very fun!

Hannah Watt, Marketing Ambassador

October 2020 - Visit of Claire Coutinho MP

During this half-term, the year sixes focused topic was the Houses of Parliament. Mid-way through, they had a virtual tour of the house and that was presented by 2 members of the education department. That lead to more in-depth learning more about the roles of the people inside. Before long, most were interested in the jobs of MPs’ and what they get up to, so we were all extremely lucky when Claire Coutinho came to visit us. She told us that she especially chose East Surrey and she was on a mission to visit all the schools in the area. We had all prepared many questions to ask Claire but many more came throughout the session.
We asked things like, “What was your biggest achievement as an MP so far?” and, “What are you looking forward to doing?” Claire Coutinho explained that she had a team of 4 people who help- her and they always make sure they return an answer. Other questions were along the lines of, “How many things do you get asked to do?” or “Who was your hero growing up?” She answered all of the questions and gave advice about speaking in public and even a few secrets about the house of commons. It was a great afternoon and we all thank her so much for being there and giving us an opportunity to learn more.

Hannah Watt, Marketing Ambassador