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Art & Design Technology

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”- Michelangelo 

Through Art and Design at Lingfield College Prep, children are taught to explore by investigating, making, reflecting and understanding. One of the earliest childhood skills our children develop is mark-making. Even as toddlers, children create and start to explore how to represent the world around them, involving their imagination, feelings and ideas. It is this intuitive enthusiasm and engagement which we want to nurture and inspire through Art and Design at Lingfield College Prep.

Reflection and problem solving is a vital aspect of Art and Design. “ ...that pencil made a soft line...” , “…how can I mix a brown-y green colour?..” Children explore materials, processes, cultures, children in their class and the work of other artists. Through Art and Design lessons, we seek to equip our pupils with the understanding to enable them to become future citizens in an increasingly technological, creative and complex world. Pupils will develop an appreciation of aesthetics, and take delight in the creation of a piece of artwork which thought provoking. They should also grow to understand how to think and intervene creatively to improve the world, combining knowledge and understanding of art and design techniques and social and environmental issues with aesthetics, function and practical skills.  Through questioning, deliberating, and evaluating, the children work imaginatively, express themselves creatively, and develop their problem solving skills, potentially even solving practical problems in response to human need.


Our aim in teaching Art and Design is that all children will build upon their innate ability to explore the world around them. Through creating and reflecting we aim to nurture their skills and understanding of visual communication, so that they:

  • understand that Art and Design is an expression of themselves and that art takes time to create, explore, experiment and develop
  • appreciate and evaluate the work of a range of artists and cultures, exploring and experimenting with their techniques and style
  • find a sense of purpose, achievement and fulfilment in creative expression and foster independence, co-operation and collaboration
  • learn to study, record and analyse the world around them
  • develop skills to use a range of materials and techniques competently in a creative and thoughtful way; exploring and experimenting with the materials’ capabilities
  • feel able to express their ideas and feelings through imaginative creation in both 2D and 3D forms
  • develop an appropriate vocabulary to help them understand and discuss their own work and that of others
  • can talk about how things work, and design, model, and develop their ideas

Art and Design is integrated into a programme of topics, followed throughout the School and in year groups, to promote a more enriching and creative curriculum. However, it is sometimes necessary to teach skills separately before they are used in topic work to ensure progression within the curriculum. Pupils in KS1 use paper of different sizes to create and explore their work to different scales, while KS2 pupils have a large sketch book for experimentation, exploration, preparation, practising skills to create pieces of Art and Design work.  Pupils from Years 1-6 have one timetabled Art and Design Technology lesson per week.