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When are your opening times?

We are open Monday – Friday 50 weeks of the year from 7.30am – 6.30pm, excluding bank holidays. We close for two weeks at Christmas; these dates will be on our website. During non term time your child may attend our Happy Days Holiday Club. This is staffed by our Nursery Team with some other staff that work at our school and we also have some of our Sixth Former students work too, many of whom attended our Nursery. During Happy Days, we only have our Nursery children, Reception children and our Year One children attend. This provides a nurturing environment where the older children support our younger ones and the younger ones look up to our older pupils. This also builds on their social development as they go through the school, developing their confidence, knowing they have friends in different year groups.

What are your procedures for settling in new children?

Our aim is to always make our inductions as relaxed as possible for both parent and child. We like to work with parents to ensure a smooth transition. We would encourage parents to arrange for their child to attend our Lingfield Littlies session with either a parent or carer. This is held in a classroom adjacent to one of the Nursery classes. This runs every Friday morning (term time only). We also offer three sessions prior to the term that children are due to start. However, each child is unique and will sometimes a different approach may be needed. This will be discussed with parents prior to children starting.

Can I choose which days my child attends?

Yes, this is offered each term; you will also have opportunities to arrange ac hoc sessions throughout the term.

Please note, that all nursery children must attend a minimum of 3 morning sessions.

I would like my child to attend term time only, is this possible?

Yes. We offer parents a choice of term time only or 50 weeks a year. If you have 50 weeks a year. You are guaranteed a place throughout the holidays and you receive two weeks holiday time, where you can take your child out of Nursery without paying.

My child will be attending mornings only on a term time basis, can I book additional afternoon sessions or days during the school holidays if I need to?

Yes. Subject to availability, you will need to fill out an ac hoc form.

What adult/child ratios do you operate? These are as follows:

Caterpillars (2- 3’s) – 1 adult to every 4 children Butterflies (3 +) – 1 adult to every 8 children.

How much notice should I give if I no longer require a place?

One term’s notice.

What do you do if my child has a food allergy?

Once the school has been notified, all staff including kitchen staff are made aware of individual children’s allergies. We also have thorough procedures in the Dining Room and classroom to ensure that children are not given anything that they are allergic to.

What happens if I am running late when picking up my child or have been unable to get to the Nursery before the it closes?

In the event that you do not collect your child from the Nursery by the end of the day, and no contact has been made with the Nursery to inform us of alternative arrangements for collection, every attempt will be made to contact you. If we are unsuccessful, we will contact your nominated emergency contact and request that they collect your child. The Nursery will remain open to allow time for the contact person to arrive. Late collection is charged at the hourly rate for extra provision. We ask that all parents keep us fully informed if they are held up when travelling to collect their child.

What opportunities do I have to discuss my child’s progress? We have an open-door policy and are always happy to talk to parents when they need to. If parents need a little longer then we will arrange an appointment asap that is mutually convenient time for both parties. All children have a Learning Journey and their progress is monitored through our Online Learning Diary,( ILD) which is made readily available for you to read and enjoy. We also have more formal ‘Parents’ meetings that are held twice during the year to share each child’s happiness and developments. Any gaps will be highlighted and talked through with the Class Leader and the

parents. Sometimes there will be regular meetings in place if required to keep parents fully up to date. We may also need to have a home to nursery communication book if required. In addition, a written report is sent out at the end of the academic year and all children receive an under-three’s progress report.

What happens if my child has an accident at Nursery?

As children develop physically, and become more confident in their physical development, accidents can occasionally happen. In this event the Nursery has several staff trained in Paediatric First Aid on site at all times. If your child has had an accident at Nursery you will be informed when collecting your child and asked to sign an accident form. In the event of a bump to the head you will be informed by telephone. Your child will be monitored and, in most cases, will be able to continue with their day at Nursery. In the event of a bump to the head causing concern you will be asked to collect your child and a visit to your GP will be recommended. You will be given a copy of the accident form and a head injury advice form. Should your child have an accident whilst at Nursery which requires further medical support you will be contacted immediately, and the necessary action will be taken. In extreme cases this could involve calling for the support of a paramedic. If your child has had an accident at home which has resulted in a physical injury, no matter how small, we request that you inform the staff so this can be documented and is not mistaken for an accident at the Nursery.

How long should I keep my child away from Nursery if they have been unwell?

Parents are always best placed to decide if a child is not well enough to attend nursery. Common colds and coughs are not a problem, apart from if the child has a high temperature with it, in which case they should stay at home until the temperature goes down without medication.

  • · Loose nappies or diarrhoea – 48 hours or until toileting returns to normal.
  • · Vomiting – 48 hours.
  • · Temperature above 38 degrees – 24 hours or until temperature returns to normal without the need for medication.

Will my child be able to sleep during the day?

Many children, particularly under the age of 3 years, will require a sleep during the day. The Nursery has ample sleeping facilities and children are offered a rest period during the day, usually after lunch if they attend for the whole day. We will always try and encourage your child's natural routine, however as they get older children tend to fit into routines according to the group. We are happy to offer your child a sleep time, but we cannot make children sleep. Children who do not sleep will be provided with other restful activities to occupy them. Sometimes when a child hasn't had their sleep they start to become tired towards the end of the nursery day, staff are not able to keep children awake if they are tired and will allow them to sleep if they need to.

What do I need to bring to Nursery each day during term time?

We provide all meals, snacks and water during term time. We ask that you provide the following in a clearly labelled bag: drinking cup, nappies, wipes, sun creams, a named warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf, trainers and wellington boots during winter. During summer a sun hat and a change of clothes all year round please. Waterproofs are necessary if your child is going to attend our Forest school sessions. A useful addition is a named comforter or favourite teddy that they would have at home to go to sleep with (if applicable).

What do I need to bring to Nursery each day during none term time, when your child is in our Happy Days Holiday Club?

We provide all meals except snacks and we ask that you provide a drinking cup, nappies, wipes, sun creams, a named warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf, trainers and wellington boots during winter. During summer a sun hat and a change of clothes all year round please. Waterproofs if your child is going to attend our Forest school sessions. A named comforter or favourite teddy they would have at home to go to sleep with (if applicable)

How often will my child go outside?

All Foundation Stage children, (Nursery and Reception) go outside together at morning play and lunchtimes.

We also take children outside for a focused activity, children are also encouraged to choose to play outside each day, weather permitted.

What is the curriculum and what activities do you provide?

We incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5's curriculum) into our work with children ensuring their learning covers all seven areas of development.

  • · Personal, Social and Emotional
  • · Communication and Language
  • · Physical
  • · Mathematics
  • · Literacy
  • · Understanding the World
  • · Expressive Art and Design

Our activities each term, follow a topic and we also work with children’s interests. We encourage critical thinking and confidence to express themselves. We stretch our children without stressing them. All our early learning of letters and reading are all introduced in a game. Home activities are also provided for each child’s development.

Safeguarding children

As childcare professionals, we have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. The Nursery has trained members of staff who are responsible for the implementation of our safeguarding policies and procedures. In extreme circumstances, if we deem a child to be at risk, we are duty bound to contact the local Children's Safeguarding Board to raise our concern without seeking consultation or permission from the child's parent. All staff in the Nursery are aware of their duties regarding child protection matters and have regular training in our safeguarding policies and procedures. To ensure our own staff are suitable to care for children they undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check prior to being given unsupervised access to children. These checks are updated regularly. In addition to this a member of staff will not commence employment at our Nursery until two suitable written references have been obtained. We also have a trained early years (DSL) Designated Safeguarding Leader.

How are the fees paid?

Fees are calculated each term based on your pre-agreed requirements and charged a term in advance. Any additional sessions are charged in arrears on the next term’s bill.

Most parents pay by direct debit on the first day of term, although we do also accept electronic transfer direct to the school’s bank account. There is also the option to pay the fees by DD spread across 3 months each term at no additional cost.

Please note that all sessions booked must be paid for, regardless of whether the child attends. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be given for sessions missed due to sickness or holidays.

If you would like to have a tour, please contact our Admissions Department.