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Character Education

Character Education: Supporting and Building a Positive Mindset in our Foundation Stage Children!

At Lingfield College Prep we believe that the character and mindset of children has a profound effect on their academic and life success.  Children who are respectful, responsible, courageous and compassionate do better in school and life.  Those who show determination and resilience in their learning, who have high standards in what they do, are better equipped for everything that comes their way.  Academic learning and cultivating character go hand in hand and builds children who are stronger for both. We encourage our children to be stretched but not stressed!

As well as the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, we also focus on 6 Character Education traits in our Nursery and Reception classes. These traits are: courage, gratitude, honesty, perseverance, self-control and empathy. Two of each will be focused on each term in our Foundation Stage:

  • Autumn Term: Courage and Self-Control
  • Spring Term: Perseverance and Honesty
  • Summer Term: Gratitude and Empathy

When children move to Years 1-6, the focus moves to our Educational Vision, linking to our Prep School Target.

Prep School Target for 2019 – 2021:

I can use the skills from our Educational Vision to be the best I can be!

We will be using our Educational Vision to lead our teaching, learning and thinking across all areas of school life. 

This will develop active, independent learning behaviours and promote positive engagement in life both inside and outside of the classroom.