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Prep School Staff List

Headmaster:  Mr R. W. Bool, B.A., MBA,*
Head of Prep School:  Mrs J. Shackel, B.A. Hons.* (SENDCO)
Head’s PA:  Mrs S. Wood
Deputy Head (Academic) Prep School:  Dr E. Margrett, B.A. Hons, M.A.,* CCRS
Chair of Governors: Mrs S. Rutherford – contacted via the school
  • Miss E. Argyle, B.A. Hons.*
  • Mrs J. Barnes, B.A. Hons.*
  • Mrs T. Barrie, B.Ed. Hons.*
  • Miss K. Berry, B.Sc. Hons.*
  • Mrs M. Brickwood, Cert Ed
  • Mrs C. Daugherty, B.A. Hons.*  
  • Ms A. Dewberry, M.A.  
  • Mrs A. De Villiers, B.A. Hons.*
  • Mrs P. Dickinson, B.A. Hons*, SENDCO
  • Miss N. Fiest, NVQ 3
  • Mrs L. Johnstone, B.A. Hons.*
  • Mrs J. Launders, Cert. Ed. (Learning Support)
  • Mrs K. Lester, B.A. Hons.*
  • Miss A. Lovell, B.A. Hons.*
  • Miss F. Marking, B.A. Hons. *
  • Mrs J. Mills, G.L.C.M., L.T.C.L., C.K.M.E., * (Head of Prep School Music)
  • Mrs D. Moore, B.Sc.Hons*
  • Mrs D. Nicholson, B.A. Hons.*
  • Miss J. Parker, B.Sc. Hons.*
  • Mrs J. Redfern, B.Ed. Hons.* (Drama)
  • Mrs J. Rees, B.A. Hons.*
  • Miss D. Richardson, M.A. B.A. Hons*
  • Mrs H. Roll, M.A. Ed., * A.M.B.D.A.
  • Mrs C. Samouel, B.A, Hons.*
  • Miss C. Stephenson, B.A. Hons., NVQ 3
  • Miss C. Tomlinson, B.A. Hons. *
  • Miss A. Varcoe, B.A. Hons.*
  • Mrs D. Wild, DPP Cache 3
  • Mrs E. Wiltshire, M.A. Hons. *
  • Mr R. Kempson, B.A. Hons.*
  • Mrs T. Lomax
  • Mrs T. Major, DPP Cache 3 (Head of Prep School Sport)
  • Mr D. Rodway
  • Mrs A. Bruce, B.A. Hons. DPP Cache 3
  • Mrs D. Burgess            
  • Mrs G. Collingwood
  • Miss H. Davis, B.Sc. Hons
  • Ms A. Dewberry, M.A.
  • Mrs S. Dickson, B.Sc.
  • Mrs K. Eakins, B.A. Hons.                                 
  • Miss E. Godfrey, Cache 3 Dip  
  • Mrs K. Harris, DPP Cache 3
  • Mrs L. Hinkins, NCFE    
  • Mrs L Leppard (Maternity Cover)          
  • Mrs T. Lomax       
  • Miss S. Mackay             
  • Miss N. Morris, DPP Cache 3
  • Mrs A. Morton-Smith 
  • Mrs Z. Moullin, NVQ 3
  • Mrs J. Newland, DPP Cache, NVQ 2
  • Miss O. Patterson, NVQ 2           
  • Mrs L. Sargeant
  • Mrs T. Spring, B.Ed. Hons.
  • Mrs J. Steer                                    
  • Miss M. Sturgess  
  • Mrs K. Vines, DPP Cache 3                            
  • Mrs M. Willis, DPP Cache 2                 
  • Mrs S. Wood, DPP Cache 3                
  • Mr J. Barnett, A.R.C.M., A.L.C.M., Cert. Ed.  (Piano)
  • Ms E. Blows (Voice)
  • Ms J. Clifford, B.A. Hons. (Classical Guitar)
  • Ms S. Cobby, B.A. Hons. (Oboe)
  • Miss K. Foster, ABRSM, (Percussion)
  • Ms H. Hart, L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L., G.G.S.M. (Flute)
  • Mrs J. Hewitt, R.S.M. (Bassoon)
  • Mr J. Hill, M.Mus, B.A. Hons. (Double Bass)
  • Mrs G. James (Cello)
  • Mr J. Lowe, B.A. Hons.  (Clarinet, Saxophone)
  • Mr J. Mills (Guitar)
  • Mr S. Morris, L.L.C.M.  (Piano)
  • Mr B. Mostyn, B.A. Hons. (Drums)
  • Mr T. Nail, B.Mus. Hons., Dip.Mus.Th. (GSMD) (Piano)
  • Mrs G. Rollings (Voice)
  • Mrs N. Whitehurst (Violin and Viola)
  • Mr G. Wright (Brass)
  • Mr T. Xerri, M.A., B.A. Hons. (Harp)

  • Mr M. Aiken, Maintenance
  • Mrs L. Arnold, B.Sc. Hons, Post Grad. Dip. CIPD, HR Manager
  • Mr J. Barnes, Head of Estates and Facilities
  • Mr J. Barnes, Project Development and Planning Manager
  • Mr S. Barnes, Maintenance
  • Mrs A. Brassett, Finance Manager
  • Mrs J. Brooman, Finance Assistant
  • Mr K. Bryant, Maintenance
  • Mrs M. Cornish, Facilities Manager’s Assistant, Educational Visits Co-ordinator
  • Mr R. Filtness, Maintenance
  • Mrs J. Fry, Prep School Office Support Assistant
  • Mrs K. Greenbrook, Prep School Secretary
  • Mrs S. Gooch, Admissions Assistant
  • Mrs V. Herriott, Prep School Office Manager
  • Mr S. Johnson, B.A. Hons, iSAMS Co-ordinator 
  • Mr P. Maxwell, Maintenance
  • Mrs K. McGregor, Music Secretary
  • Ms M. Morgan, DipEd, B.A. Hons., Marketing Manager
  • Mrs M. O’Neill, Registrar
  • Mrs J. Paterson, Prep School Art Technician
  • Mrs K. Payton, B.A. Hons, Organisational Development Officer
  • Mrs E. Pullen, B.A. Hons, CIM, Systems Support and Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Mr N. Swords, Caretaker
  • Mrs S. Trimm, Payroll and Accounts Officer
  • Mrs T. Unwin, Headmaster’s PA, Clerk to Governors
  • Ms J. Wells, B. Ed. Hons, Health and Safety Officer
  • Mrs S. Wood, PA to Prep School Head
  • Mrs C. Wren, Chartered MCIPD, Head of Organisational Development
  • Mrs L. Arvan
  • Mrs G. Carraher
  • Mrs N. Eason, B.Sc.                  
  • Mrs T. Hawkes
  • Mrs N. Morsi   
  • Mrs C. Nicol               
  • Mrs L. Roy                   
  • Mrs I. Siwicka
  • Mrs J. Jarrett
  • Miss L. Canova B.A Hons
  • Miss H. Davis, B. Sc. Hons
* Denotes Post Graduate Certificate of Education