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Who to Contact


Nigel Harrison - Alumni

1st September 1995 was a momentous day in the history of Lingfield Notre Dame, as it was then known.  This was the day it officially became co-educational.  It also happened to be my first day at the school, working alongside Mrs Turner as a Year 6 class teacher.  As further year groups of boys moved up to the Senior School, my role as their PE teacher required me to do the same.

Looking back to those early days, every aspect of school life has changed markedly, especially the facilities.  However, the one constant has been the pupils.  I can still remember most pupils from my first day at school and certainly quite a number thereafter.

I very much look forward to hearing from any past pupils and will be keen to reminisce about the events of yesteryear.


Susan Roe - Alumni Secretary

My name is Susan Roe and I work alongside Nigel Harrison as Alumni support.  I am involved in setting up Alumni events; locating and finding pictures, reports and press releases from the past; and having fun trying to date some of the many pictures that I have located in the files which have been handed to me.  I also run the database, as well as ensuring that the media sites are kept up-to-date.  I hope to organise OLs (Old Lingfieldians Alumni) events for the future, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me on the details below:-

The role is growing rapidly and changing daily, so I look forward to seeing Alumni develop and go from strength-to-strength, as well as meeting many pupils when they visit Lingfield College.