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Since 1940 Notre Dame Convent, then Lingfield Notre Dame and now Lingfield College has been educating bright young people from all walks of life, many whom have subsequently gone on to achieve great success either as:  doctors, lawyers, teachers, military and artists and as well as many pursuing other great professions.

Since 2015, the School has been collating a list of Alumni from across the decades, as well as organising a variety of events to celebrate the shared experiences of the School.  

We have encouraged former students to keep in touch with us, whether it is through a personal visit to the school, being part of a reunion, attending functions at the school or attending careers fairs.

Remember to register on line so that you can keep up to date on the current news of Alumni.

We are also working on the archive section over the next couple of years, so you never know, at some point you might see yourself.