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Careers and Networking

If you are an OL who is willing to share your experience of business or professional life to help current students, please let us know.  We are building a network for all members to support career development.

Careers Support

OLs have worked together with the Careers Department to support a number of career fairs and smaller profession-focused events.  If you are interested in coming to speak to current students, please get in touch with us via

OLs have in the past had a keen interest in the careers of the current students, offering a variety of talks ranging from the military, law, doctors, banking, engineering, vets and much more.

Lingfield College also hold a Careers Fair and would love to hear from you if you are interested in attending or representing your current company, whether it be an apprenticeship scheme or giving guidance on a chosen career path.

Next Career Fair - February / March 2020.

Mentoring Scheme

Lingfield College are also grateful to the OLs who are keen to support others at different levels with careers advice, mentoring or additional contacts.  If you would like to get involved in, and benefit from mentoring please get in touch via