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Young Voices Concert 2018

Wow!  All the children in Y5 had a great time last Friday at the Young Voices Concert at the 02 Arena, where they formed part of a choir of 7,700 children, singing and dancing with real energy and enthusiasm.  It was a long day, but Y5 were a credit to their school with excellent behaviour throughout and all of them word perfect!  Many thanks to the band of parents who came to enjoy the show and to support us.  We thought you would like to see some of the comments from the children:

When everyone sang together, the entire arena was filled with an epic atmosphere. With everyone singing as one voice, the stands seemed to breathe as if they had a life of their own. (Lydia)

The O2 was the best trip we have ever had! It was so cool. I saw loads of musicians and bands and I had loads of surprises during the rehearsal, meeting new people and getting to see the guy from the dance videos. (Abby)

I have learnt that you don't have to keep yourself in a little safe bubble but that you can let loose and be yourself (Louise)

When I sing it makes me feel happy and it made me notice that music 'has power deep inside' to quote one our song lyrics. (Barney)

I love singing. I feel like singing is my voice and shows who I am.  (Francesca)

I definitely think the school should take part again because it is an amazing experience and a brilliant chance to sing with your friends. Singing together joining our hearts and voices as one.  (Sophia D)

I think that the next Year 5 should go so they can too catch the moment and treasure it forever. (Zack)