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Year 7 - a whole new world!

Starting year 7 can be exciting but also a bit daunting. We caught up with some year 7s to see how they are finding starting back at school and what the highlights have been so far.

They all agreed that they were pleased to be back as they have missed their friends. Miles, who joined Year 7 from the Prep School begain by saying, "It has been really tremendous getting to know people, understanding where things are and seeing friends again."

They were particularly looking forward to their first trip to Bowles Activity Centre for a day of activities including rock climbing and indoor skiing. What a great way to start the Autumn term! 

Alex, who has joined us from Copthorne Prep said, "I was nervous to begin with but once I started properly, I felt happy. I am really enjoying football and athletics club. They are a great way to make new friends too."

Ruby, who joined from St Mary’s Primary School has been very excited about her return to school. She said, "I have really enjoyed making new friends because I really missed that in lockdown." 

Charlie, who came up from the Prep School added,  "It is nice to be back and getting on with my sports again." 

They have all been enjoying PE and sport in the lovely weather and Ariel said, “I can’t wait until we can play matches again with other schools”.  They have all been learning new things and enjoying greater freedom around the school, meeting new people and having new teachers.

They have taken the new challenges of school and COVID with a positive mindset, ready for the academic year ahead. We wish them well for year 7 and hope to catch up with them again next year!