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Year 6 virtual visit to Houses of Parliament

In the current climate, the school trip to the Houses of Parliament was sadly cancelled. As part of our Parliament topic in PSHECE, the Year 6 classes were very luckily joined virtually by two members of the educational department that work at Parliament itself.

Instead of doing a tour in person, they did a fantastic virtual workshop instead. We had been doing some pieces on government beforehand, but this was a way to revise what we had learnt as well as learning much more.

The two members started off by asking us questions, as if we were voting. We got asked; who we would recommend as members of the House of Lords, and many famous people got suggested although many people nominated parents or key workers!

We were really put in the place of the MP’s and even got a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords with many key facts along the way. The representatives knew so much about the topic and they taught us many details that we wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t had this incredible experience.

On behalf on my year group we feel very lucky to have experienced what life is like in parliament and we are grateful for the opportunity that we had!

Written by Hannah  –  Prep School Marketing Captain