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Year 6 Enterprise

This term year 6 have taken part in an Enterprise Week with Dan Roe, co-founder of Startup Sherpas. Dan launched the idea to the children in the first session where they started by spotting problems around them. They had a go at new concepts such as a Wander Ponder and Problem Goggles! Over the following weeks they set to work in their groups to come up with some solutions to the problems they had found.

On 28th June, year 6 took the final step in the process by pitching their ideas. Each group had 4 minutes to pitch their idea to the 'Investor Board' - Mrs Shackel, Mr Bool, Mr Walton and Dan Roe.

The pitches were fantastic, with ideas such as the 'Friendship Frenzy' boardgame, 'Netbalised'; creating work for people on low incomes by creating personalised netballs and 'Animals are Awesome'; helping people with depression.

After the pitch each group faced some challenging questions from the panel about their ideas, and what they had learnt from the whole process. Lessons learnt included how to collaborate, building a website, teamwork, failing is not the end of the world and going for it when you have an idea!

Congratulations to the following children who were commended:

Daisy and Katie - The Most Reflective group

Emily, Becky and Amy -The Most Inventive Idea

Arianna, Ruby and Amber - The Most Impactful Idea

A message from Dan Roe, the co-founder of Startup Sherpas

In the short space of just 2 weeks, the Year 6 students explored problems that they, their friends, their community or the world experience, and fell in love with the problem that meant most to them. They created hundreds of ideas for solutions to that problem, and then focused on just one to bring it to life. They made things real through simple product and service prototyping techniques, and put their communication skills into practice through creating a real website to promote their idea so they can share it with the world. Finally, they pitched their ideas to a panel including Mrs Shackel, Mr Bool and Mr Walton.

You should all be immensely proud of what they achieved – we most definitely are! To do all this in just 2 weeks, and to stand up and present with such amazing confidence and clarity is something that adults struggle with. Hearing so many of the teams wanting to continue working on their idea and to create the products and deliver the services they dreamt up is a testament to them and put a massive smile on our faces. The world needs people like your children, and we hope we’ve ignited a passion and belief inside of them that anyone can take an idea and do something with it.

They followed the same innovation and entrepreneurial methodologies and tools that adults in corporates do, which got them learning and doing elements of Design Thinking and Lean Startup. These are skills that we need to see more of in the world, creating a generation of innovators that could either take an entrepreneurial path in life, or take these skills into the corporate world.

Startup Sherpas is a social enterprise that aims to support children and young people across the world to become more innovative. We believe in doing and not teaching, and your children followed our Step-by-Step methodology to lead them through their journey. It is a free service provided to schools and individual teen innovators – and we are supported by angel funding and corporate sponsorship. We are always looking for more corporate help, so if you would like to get involved and put your name to supporting us, then please get in touch at

PS – your children have a login to the platform and can share with you one of our ‘family’ treks that you can all do at home – maybe you’ll all learn something too!