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Year 4 visit to Gatton Park

Year 4 were incredibly fortunate with the weather and managed to enjoy a dry day at Gatton Park on Wednesday 27th September. In fact, the weather was the perfect mix of moist but dry which meant lots of invertebrates left themselves open to investigation with nets, pooters and microscopes.

We had great fun classifying a range of pond animals, first in the classroom where we could get a really close up look using some high definition microscopes. We were able to use classification keys to identify the exciting specimen in front of us and enjoyed learning about how some invertebrates had adapted to live in their habitats. The children found it fascinating to hear about the water boatman’s ‘bubble bottom’ which allows it to collect oxygen. Fired up with knowledge, there was no escape for the creatures in the pond when the children were let loose with nets to scoop them up.

The woodland habitat was quite a contrast with minibeasts blending in to their surroundings with clever camouflage. We found a number of toads and some ginormous slugs that captured the attention of all. Some of the children found the pooters quite challenging and had to remember which tube to suck with or faced a rather different afternoon snack.

Thank you to the parent helpers who enjoyed the day with us.