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Year 4 visit Frog Firle Farm

Year 4 had the most amazing weather for their day out at Frog Firle Farm, Alfriston. The children impressed the National Trust staff with their knowledge of erosion and deposition that have created the meandering river.  They also had a chance to classify pond creatures once they had use their nets to catch the animals from the ditches.  All specimens were safely returned to their habitat.  Thank you to the parent helpers who supported the children on this visit.

The River Cuckmere is amazing.  You can go pond dipping here.  It was awesome.  You get a net and find a sturdy spot and put the  net in.  (Isabella) 

Our class climbed up a steep hill; the view was spectacular! (Imogen) 

Further through the trees we saw the white horse made from chalk. (Daisy) 

The horse was man-made many years ago and some parts have been replaced due to the legs going out of shape. (Amber) 

I really enjoyed playing Pooh sticks to learn about which way the river was flowing. (Alfie) 

My group found an amazing water dragonfly. (Alex)