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Year 4 visit Bough Beech Reservoir

Year 4 was lucky to have blazing sunshine and clear skies for our trip to Bough Beech Reservoir last week.

The children were fascinated to learn where the water in our taps originates from. Little did they know that they were drinking the same water as dinosaurs had all those years ago. We truly understood the meaning of a precious resource as you cannot magically make new water.

Carrying the 10 litres of water down the corridor felt like a mission impossible impressing upon the children how difficult it must be for those people in countries that do not have water on tap. It was particularly scary to realise that one family could survive on 10 litres a day but in the South East of England, one family uses 160 litres. Year 4 now realise that it is essential to  save our water.

We enjoyed looking out across the reservoir and seeing how the river is connected. Believe it or not, the river does not flow into the reservoir! It was astounding to see the amount of water in the reservoir and to realise that this is all we have until winter. We have to share the rainfall during the summer months with the trees and plants. Amazingly, one oak drains 100 litres of water in the summer.

Year 4 loved seeing the water treatment process in action and going through the different chlorination chambers and treatment centres. This year the House martins were particularly active with several nests close to the doors. They treated us to fantastic flying displays, flying in and out of the nests and even through the children.

Our thanks go to all the parent helpers who joined us on this interesting trip.