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Year 3's Trip to Bignor Roman Villa

Last Wednesday, Year 3 enjoyed a fascinating trip to a partly reconstructed Roman Villa at Bignor.  They had a guided tour of the villa, including a 70 metre mosaic corridor and the ruins of the baths outside. Year 3 learned about the different roles that all the people living at the villa would have had.  After dressing up as members of the villa, they re-enacted the arrival of an important visitor to the villa.  The servants served up ‘expensive’ meals to the Roman Governors’ delight.  They also took part in a carousel of activities, which included grinding wheat to make flour and making mosaic patterns. They enjoyed sketching artefacts, some of which were original, and writing in Roman letters/numerals on wax tablets. The favourite activity of course, was choosing Roman souvenirs from a very small gift shop – they quickly depleted all the supplies!