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Year 3 celebrates Roald Dahl - Our Whizzpop Assembly

This week we have been rehearsing a play about Roald Dahl. I liked learning the funny words which he invented like trogglehumper and singing the song the best. I even made up a word like his which was gogglebumptious!

My favourite character in the assembly was Mr Twit who was played by Rufus. I liked him the best because his tummy was fat. I liked him eating worm spaghetti; it got stuck in his beard. On Friday the mums and dads came to watch the assembly. We all had yellow T-shirts because Roald Dahl’s favourite colour was yellow.

By Piers (3A)

I opened the whole assembly. I welcomed everyone and I said that I hoped they have a splendiferous time! At the end we sang a song about following your dreams. My favourite bit was doing the poem of Croccy the Crocodile.

My mummy and daddy came to watch. Daddy’s favourite part was seeing the Twits because it reminded him of reading the book when he was a little boy. Mummy’s favourite part was watching me open the assembly, it made her very proud. She also liked Mr Twit with the worms in his beard, she thought it was very funny!

By Isabella (3B)