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Tomatokhamun comes to Year 4!

This week, Year 4 had the gruesome task of mummifying a dead tomato.  First, they examined the body carefully, noting how plump and smooth the dead tomato’s skin was, commenting on its lustrous red colour. They then proceeded to remove the organs, carefully cutting a slit in the left side of the body and spooning out the seeds and juices trying hard not to damage the perfect exterior.  This was a tricky process and not all the dead tomatoes survived the ordeal entirely unscathed.  Once complete, the tomatoes were carefully washed inside and out with anti-bacterial gel to keep them as pristine as possible in the Afterlife.  They were then stuffed with Natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda) and carefully placed in their own Tomatokhamun coffin.  We will be making careful observations over the coming weeks to monitor the progress of our tomatoes and hope they will be preserved in a state that will allow them to enter the Afterlife with pride.