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The Explorer Dome

Year 3

Year 3 learned all about forces in the dome.  They loved its unique environment: Lottie described it as being “big and round and very squishy.”

Isabella described how the leader blew some balloons up and then let them go inside the dome. In order to be more scientific, he asked the children to describe where the force was that was acting on the balloon to make it fly around. She enjoyed learning about gravity and how the earth has two poles – the North and South Pole. Gravity prevents people from falling off the ends of the earth!

Gracie described how she learnt that the biggest magnet in the world was the world!  She helped make a rocket using dry ice. The temperature was -80 degrees Celsius. The dry ice was placed inside pots which were turned upside down. Everyone counted down and then the pots went shooting up into the air!

Year 4

Inside the magical world of the Explorer Dome, Year 4 learned that sound is a vibration that travels in a sound wave, modelled with a slinky to show its side-to-side motion. There was enormous excitement as we saw the visual impact a sound wave has on a glass of water, with a few of us getting a little wet! We felt as though we had travelled in space where no sound waves can travel and were also transported to the deep blue where we could hear the way sound travels through water with dolphins and whales calling to each other.  It was fascinating to see sound waves vibrating in a speaker and to experiment with the pitch of different sized pipes. We even played happy birthday with pop tubes!

Year 5

Crawling through a winding, dark tunnel, Year 5 entered another world of sea creatures, magnetic planets and forces in the Explorer Dome. 

Linking our Exploration and Science topics, we discovered the secrets of the Aurora Borealis and Australis.  A light show of electric charges from the Sun danced across the skies above us as we imagined the spirits of the Sami reindeer soaring free. Then, using dry ice, we set off rockets by increasing force before diving into the oceans to explain hydro-resistance.

Ending with an exhilarating blast-off into Space and investigating the perils of a never-ending force without air resistance, Year Five had an immersive, audio-visual experience they will never forget!