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Lingfield College Apple Juice!

The Prep School’s Eco-Warriors noticed that the apples in the Orchard were left to rot and thrown away.  They felt that this was waste and wanted to put the apples to good use.  Due to the fact that the Orchard produces so many apples each year, they had to think of a sustainable solution which dealt with the huge quantity of apples going forward.  They all agreed that the apples should be pressed into Apple juice.  On Friday 12th October, we were joined in the Orchard by Teachers, Family members and other Students to pick as many apples as possible.  We picked over 300kg of apples, which were taken to the farm to be pressed, pasteurised and bottled.  Thank you to all of those who helped make this event a success.  We are so grateful of all of your help and are very excited to collect our Apple Juice in a couple of weeks’ time.  The Apple Juice will be available to purchase soon with all proceeds supporting the build of the school’s pond.