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Isle of Wight field trip

Year 13 Geographers have recently returned from The Medina Valley Centre in the Isle of Wight. Whilst it was certainly beneficial to see the concepts discussed in the classroom in a real-world setting, the main purpose of the trip was to prepare the students for the non-examined assessment section of their course. In layman’s terms this is an independent dissertation of their own devising, weighing in at about 5000 words. Quite an undertaking to be sure, but one that the students tackled head on and did fantastically well.

Having devised an area of geographical study that they wanted to study in greater detail, students carried out primary data collection in the form of beach profiling, sediment size analysis and bi-polar analysis of coastal defences on two beaches.

The trip was a great success with students benefitting from superb guidance from the tutors at the centre, enjoying the sun shining on at least two occasions and playing several highly competitive (vicious) games of monopoly in the evenings. All are now very excited to be starting the 5000 word write up.