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Economics debate at Caterham

'On Wednesday 5th June the Year 12 Economics class travelled to Caterham school to take part in the second set of debates. The topic up for discussion was “This House believes that Britain would be better served by a fully state-run rail service”, Lingfield opposed this motion. Leading up to the day of the great debate the selected team, Tash, Adam and Will prepared speeches, reviewed and refined them further and worked with each other to form an overall coherent argument until each individual speech was perfect.

The day came and the Lingfield team delivered the speeches competently and effectively, and after hearing both speeches it seemed like we may have had the edge. Then came the time for each team, and the audience, to ask questions to try and poke holes in each team’s argument. Lingfield faced some difficult questions, and answered them to the best of their ability demonstrating their knowledge for the topic area, and showed professionality throughout. We too asked some tasking questions which Caterham did have difficulty answering.

The time came to vote and unfortunately, we were slightly outnumbered - despite this we only lost by one vote. Overall, it was an incredibly rewarding experience for the team and the entire class, and was a great way to expand our knowledge on nationalisation outside the classroom.'


Year 12 Debates Captain