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Academic Scholars Symposium 2017

The Academic Scholars symposium of 2017 took place on Thursday, May 11th.

All Academic Scholars in Years 7 – 10 met, with their parents, to hear about the activities of the year and the results of the annual written assignment results. Mrs Jolly’s talk this year was on the theme of ‘Communication’ and how we might lose sight of important face-to-face interaction and skills if we become too technological in our communication with others.

Georgia entertained us with her singing at the start of the evening and we then heard presentations from Caitlin who introduced a documentary made by her. Eve, Year 7, gave a short presentation of her essay ‘Eve: the Original Sinner?’.

Ms Griffith, who is taking over the running of Academic Scholars after Mrs Jolly’s retirement in the summer, then gave a brief talk about the work in Year 11 which prepares pupils for the prestigious EPQ in Year 12. This was followed by an example of this work: a presentation on Cyber Security by Edward. Edward’s highly impressive presentation had won the top prize in Year 11 and impressed all members of the audience by his extensive research and knowledge on the subject alongside his faultless presentation skills. He certainly set a high standard for the future.

All parents received a copy of the relevant booklet of essays of their son/daughter’s year group and took advantage of the opportunity to meet other parents. The results of the written assignment were as follows:

The short list from Year 7:

Dan for ‘Virtual Reality: A world beyond Entertainment

Eve for ‘Eve: the original Sinner?’

Jules for ‘ Guyana: A struggle for freedom’

Winner ……Dan Clarke…

Shortlist for Year 8:

Ella for  ‘Cryonics- Would we want to come back’

Sophia for ‘Is there good reason to stereotype Ugly people as Bad’

Olivia for ‘Pressure to be Perfect’

Winner ……Olivia …

Shortlist for Year 9:

Mia for ‘How is Social Media Affecting our Society’s Well-Being’

Jacob for ‘Video Games Vs Board games: Which is better for a Child’s Development?’

Sophia for ‘Should All Uk Police Carry firearms?’

Winner……Mia …

Shortlist for Year 10:

Madeleine for ‘Can Money Buy Happiness?’

Nina for ‘ Does The Mandela Effect Exist?’

Talia for ‘Does the Brain have hidden Abilities’

Winner ……………Madeline …

The next prize is for the best essay across Years 7 & 8.The recipient has been awarded this prize for a very original topic. She evidenced great depth of independent thought in her interview and answered challenging questions with confidence and obvious personal interest.

Eve for ‘Eve: the Original Sinner’

And finally the prize for the best written assignment across  Years 9 & 10 goes to a student who yet again, produced a standard of research, argument and discussion worthy of a sixth former. At interview, her breadth of knowledge and depth of independent thought on her subject area went way beyond the confines of the essay.

The winner was Talia for ‘Does The Brain have hidden abilities?’

We would like to wish Mrs Jolly good luck in what promises to be an action packed retirement and also thank her for the wonderful strides the Scholars Programme has taken under her direction.