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Aims of the School

To enable our pupils to achieve high academic standards in a relaxed but disciplined atmosphere.

Lingfield pupils are recognised as being individual learners with a variety of needs. Teaching and learning strategies are focused on ensuring that realistic and manageable targets are set, monitored and achieved. The pastoral system is outstanding and complements the academic ambitions of the School by ensuring pupils are allowed to flourish within our beautiful and safe campus space. The staff enjoy a professional yet friendly relationship with the pupils which allows both parties to enjoy and extend their learning to achieve mutually agreed goals.

To develop self-worth in every student

At the heart of the Lingfield community is a commitment to allow each individual to flourish and develop whilst guiding pupils along this journey. Teamwork through Forms, Houses, Sport, Music, Drama and Extra-Curricular activities is fostered and encouraged. The pastoral system is nurturing and supportive. Individual needs are taken seriously; safeguarding and academic support is available, professional and tailored.

To promote traditional values in a nurturing environment

Lingfield pupils enjoy and support the School. Charitable giving is very generous, local community ties are strong and the School promotes socially responsible and caring values. Family life is at the heart of the School and central to our success. The School welcomes children of all faiths and none whilst recognising our foundation is based within the Christian tradition. Traditional British values of tolerance, individualism, respect for the law and respect for others are key features of the pastoral system. Lingfield seeks to give our pupils the necessary tools to engage with yet enjoy the challenges of the 21st century.

To stimulate intellectual curiosity and develop initiative

Throughout their time at Lingfield, pupils are encouraged to develop positive learning behaviour and challenge themselves to be the best they can. Staff are supportive, excellent communicators and passionate about their subject matter. They endeavour to instil a love of learning through well planned, challenging and differentiated lessons. Aspirations and expectations are high and challenges set are demanding. The Scholars’ programme, whilst identifying and extending the brightest, is open for all to attend. Ample opportunities are available for pupils to widen their horizons through educational visits, lectures and workshops. Programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award are fantastically supported and well resourced. Opportunities abound to get involved whether through Sport, Music, Drama, academically or via the pastoral system.